Website upgraded

Website has been upgraded to WordPress 2.3.2 latest version. I will customize it tomorrow and fix some details like plugins and CSSs. I know the site looks nice but terribly broken, since the new WordPress version will probably make little changes in the front interface, I take the chance of this short holiday to fix some details. I have TONS of promos waiting for reviews, I apologize with labels and bands, I assure you I will do better once I fixed a few things on the website.

Later now (my first beer can chicken is awaiting me tomorrow and I need to get up early!).


So little time and so many things to do.

I am finally operative again, after a bunch of delays due to several uncontrollable events. I am not just a full time worker anymore – I also enrolled to University. That – and the fact my computer was out of order for the past few months – made updating the website quite difficult. Anyway here are some news for you.

  • Apocalypse Command is out. Not the way it should have looked since the factory fucked up completely the layout, but at last it is out. You can buy your copy simply by emailing me at the usual address or through Buio Omega’s website. Pending trades and orders will be taken care shortly, just the time it takes to clear out the inbox from the ridicolous quantity of spam I have received during my off-season time.
  • Next out on Nuclear Abominations rex is the full Necrotion discography. The Cd will also feature 3 brand new tracks, rehearsals, and the usual killer booklet. Stay tuned.
  • Other tentative releases are being discussed but the one that probably interest you more is Nuclear Death demos. Well it seems this year we will not make it. But there has been a recent event that seems to have unblocked the work. Time shall tell.
  • I have a new puter, that means new reviews out soon. if you sent promos and if they’re not hopelessly bad, you will see the review some day soon.
  • A huge Goreaphobia interview is in stall awaiting for the very last answer. if I don’t receive it by next friday, I will upload it as is.
  • No printed issue of Nuclear Abominations is in my plans this year – just too many other important things to do. Let’s call the project on hold for now

All for now, I need to answer to some 500 emails now.

FORMICIDE (USA-Ma): “Formicide” compilation Cd 2006 Due Process

Formicide - FormicideDespite I have been into Thrash Metal for a long while when it was vibrating and alive and not a resurrected corpse (I want to stretch this becouse I am really sorry but today there is so much hype about Thrash in Italy that I really cannot stand it much anymore) I admit I never heard of Formicide before. Thanks to Andrew of Aversionline for rediscovering the band for us ignorant worms. I read that the tracks have been ripped straight from the tapes, if that’s the case I am sorely impressed, all the instruments have a punch that I can barely find in professional recordings. I do not mean it is elegantly encased in a super production, I mean it has the real Metal crunch of the ’80s – hell I can even hear the bass lines clearly, I really wonder why some people had a problem with the production of this collection of demos.

Talking abot the music, Formicide is playing pure American Thrash/Power Metal (Power Metal as in Metallica or Jag Panzer, not Blind Guardian – dick) and later evolved into the mildly interesting HC band Only Living Witness (I have seen the band with Cro Mags years ago and they were hopelessly annihilated). The number of power riffs on this album is uncountable, there is really a load of pure Thrash energy loading these tracks. And the vocals too are not just a moan, but aggressive and raucous without sounding indistinct. That said, I realize now that I am really not much more into this kind of music. I like the single songs, but I cannot really listen to the whole thing in a row, two subsequent spins have really exhausted my reserves of energy. I cannot really tell why becouse this thing is technically perfect, with a perfect share of solos and a spectacular drumwork. Must be I am more into really primitive Metal from exotic countries these days, and after hearing Mortuorio a few hours ago my ears were calibrated on a different frequency. Whatever. I am sure this thing is going to please anyone looking for neat Thrash with all the right proportion of screams and palm muted riffs. In my case I am not sure I will be putting this on again soon…

Temporary closure

My dear old laptop computer failed me last week for the last time. Too much stress for its old frame. I am currently without a computer so I will not be able to answer mail, update the website, follow the label, do reviews etc. I am currently selecting the component for the new PC but I doubt I will be able to assemble everything before next weekend (I bought the case in Germany). This time, after so many HD failures, I decided to grant myself a professional system with a solid structure and steady backups. Hopefully this is the last time I lose so much data at once.

No updates but…

Several things going in the background.

Apocalypse Command is at the pressing plant and will be released in August. Cannot wait to see how it’s turning out. I also have another release soon to be completed… but I won’t reveal anything yet.

I renewed and cleaned up the Buio Omega website. The distro is now active 100% and some new material is coming in a few days. Once the label is rolling again, prepare for a flood of really nasty records… only selected shit, no sell out fillers. I am also doing a lot of work in the background to prepare a decent shopping cart and registration system, although I have still no idea when it will be accessible to public.

As for gigs, I am preparing to go HERE. ‘Nuff said?

Sadistic Intent - Hamburg

INHUME (Hol): “Chaos, Dissection, Order” Cd 2007 Osmose

Inhume - Chaos DissectionAfter two years of delay, “Chaos, Dissection, Order” is finally out, third goddamned blasting piece of bulldozing goregrind from Holland. Actually usig the term goregrind in its common meaning is a bit restrictive. Inhume are extremely HEAVY, and surely grind as well, the guitars are loose and rocking although not in the classic Neuropathia way. There is more heaviness and no groove here, which in the ened I believe is for the better. The sound is accurately balanced,every element well cut in the mix and the guitar sound boulderish but not dirty. It’s like the heaviest you can go without a muddled sound. The drum stile is the same as in the killer “Decomposing from the Inside” but as it happened with “In For The Kill”, things have gotten even tighter here. There are just a couple of tempo variations in the middle of the album, but for the rest it’s ultra fast blasting all the time, with early Mick Harris like bursts but without all the socio-political bollocks of classic grind. Fully graphic gore lyrics and artwork, double guttural vocal assault, and a ultra-dense sound make this new Inhume hit another mallet strike right in the middle of the forehead of Jesus. Ah. There is not much digression here, everything is to the point without fucking frills. Inhume is still one of the leading Brutal Goregrind bands from Holland, bar none. I guess one has to be more into the second album than the first but hey, is this a fucking problem? If you manage to see them live, they’re also a great band on stage (not to mention there is a red haired girl with impossibly big tits always following them on tour, so that’s one extra point in my scale of values. Eheh.).