TUMOUR (Hol): “4-Way Cybergrind Pornogoremageddon” split Cd with BLOODY DIARRHOEA (Cze), PSYCHOSADISTIC HATERAPIST (USA/Ma), FUCK SAW (USA/Wi) 2006 Bizarre Leprous/Coyote/Urethra/Butchered/Sevared

TumourTumour are here again with a couple of new short killer tracks of their characteristically hyper-heavy, distorted one man goregrind. The vocals are still similar to the sound of water drained down a sinkhole, with a sound so heavily distorted it creaks and strains the recording equipment to red herring levels. A couple of short studio tracks bring us to an insane live Beligian show. I was listening to these tracks with professional headphones and I must say besides the strong chattering in the background everything sounds amazingly clear. You won’t believe me but I was able to recognize a few songs from the other Tumour Cds I already reviewed: this shit is mesmerizing sick and darn lovely. I find the label “pornogore” a bit narrow for Tumour, but they surely fit this split nonetheless. In the end the Cd also looks quite good, with a folding poster with Pierre from Braindead’s classic, blood soaked, stylish artwork holding the four covers together.

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