Welcome back, Mick

Indeed. Myself has returned home, or as they say: “heeere’s daddy”!

The return to the old headquarters has been great, if weird. Lots of cobwebs and dust here, all the rancid cadavers I left putrefacting on the floor have turned to dust, and time has come for a good swipe, some air change, some paint has well, maybe. Even the flies that made home in my jars full of guts have died. This room need some good clean up before a new start. The rusty hooks hanging from the ceiling need some sharpening and polishing. And fuck, if that turntable doesn’t need some slick blood to turn again smoothly.

But yes, here I am. A good concert, a talk with few old friends, a new home, a new base of operations, all helped very much in getting back to business. And of course I had to put Autopsy on recently. Without Autopsy, there could be no Nuclear Abominations at all. I have unpacked the big box of material that still awaits for a sick review.

The wiki I had installed on goregrind.com is full of spam, and the website doesn’t work anymore. Yet another thing to fix.

And, I have been offered the chance to publish something… the project is still a secret and I haven0t even begun to think how to write it, but well, everything needs a start.

And, the Internet is so full of shit that some honest talk is definitely needed, don’t you think?

The zombies are back in town, and they’re hungry for brains!

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