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Archgoat/Black Witchery/Mefitic – May 24th, 2007

I always had a fucking fetish for Archgoat. I cannot really forget the release of their Ep “Angelcunt” in 1991 as it was probably the first time I was victim of a rip off (his name is Paul “Typhon” Thind if you ask – founder of Necropolis records). It was the first time I was deliberately stolen money from a label, plainly and without excuses. Necropolis aptly decided to pocket the International Money Order I sent for some Archgoat (and Demilich) merchandise which was probably never even released. I still have the tags of the post office, I have proofs of what I am saying. I sent the label faxes and letters for 3 years before giving up any hopes. When I started to spread the word about what happened, I was contacted and offended by Raul Varela of Exhumed (he was working for this label at the time) for talking shit about Thind (something like “get out from under my boots”, can’t remember in specific). I had words from a guy called Joker who was working for that label but recently deserted that it was common habit for the label to steal money from the orders during the earlier years. That very year I finally managed to have a reply from Paul himself. He finally promised to send me some stuff to make up for the mess some 6-7 years later, after telling me that he was some “martial arts champion” and that if he wanted he could have also destroyed me by pressing thousands of flyers saying I was a dick. Cool. Today, 10 years later, I still haven’t got anything from Necropolis.

But the point is I was a big Archgoat fan, and still am. I believe their comeback has been the best of 2007. I would have never hoped to see them live one day, but I managed to at last one year ago and their show was fucking killer. They were playing with Black Witchery who too has been a wall of sound, spewing blasphemy in a great show. Italian Mefitic as well has been a cool surprise, an excellent band to open the show.

Here are some pics I took at the concert!