FAECES ERUPTION (Hol): s/t split Cd with FLATV5 2007 Grindfest/Urethra

Faeces Eruption - splitAs usual, things get hotter when we are talking about Faeces Eruption. This band plays sick and blasting goregrind the real Dutch way, in the vein of Tumour and Acrotomophilia. Excessively soaked sound, hyper-harmonized hog vocals, gruesomely chaotic riffs that tend to blend in the background and sick pathological song titles. Geert here does everything, from drum programming to bass work, seems like Holland has a good share of one man projects playing Goregrind, maybe an offshoot of their formerly huge electronic music scene. I listened through and through the album 5 times and yet I cannot understand exactly the difference between the two productions as announced by the label. The sound seems quite similar to me but according to the info sheet, the second part should be way heavier with multiple bass lines. What else to say, this is a real massacre to pump up at full volume in the parking lot front of a cinema so you can look the horror on the face of common people. Multilayered grotesque vocals and one million bpm drum bloodbath, so adorable.

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