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I started my own label in 1999 when I first saw Nefas live. I was always tempted to open my own label since I had managed my own bands as far back as 1992 or so (mostly gore/grind/noise projects) but I never actually found anything worth investing my little money on.

After Nefas, between 2002 and 2004 the label finally become something steady and I also opened a sublabel called Orgasmo Nero, which was supposed to release the weirdest and unclassifiable stuff. Fast forward some years of breaks and activity until everything becomes active again in 2017 when the third label Pulsating Putrefaction was created for lo-fi cdr and tape noise releases, plus some high-quality deluxe projects like the Black Mass of Absu and Anal Birth discography collections.

Old distribution

Nuclear Abominations is just a label now, ask for wholesale prices at nuclearabominations at gmail dot com. I do not run a distro anymore, you can buy the leftovers at this Discogs account.

Some of these releases are on Bandcamp

Label Page

Currently in Production

  • NA 012 Rotting Flesh (Bra): “Mesologic…” LP
  • NA 018 Necrolepsy (Fin): discography CD
  • NA 019LP Vomitmantik (Ita): “Devotio Ad Bestias” LP
  • NA 023 Sickness (Fin): “Daemones Sub Terra” CD, LP and tape
  • NA 024 Satanic Ritual (Bra): 7″ EP
  • NA 026 Catasexual Urge Motivation (Jpn): “Encyclopedia…” 2LP
  • NA 027 Abatuar (Pan): “Vejacion De La Bestia” tape
  • NA 029 Coprophagist (Ger): discography 10″ and CD
  • NA 030 Dysentery (Ger): “Bring Me No Tears” LP
  • SCUM-002 Fetus Demersus (Ita) tape
  • SCUM-003 Anal Birth (USA) “Discography – the ’90s” CD

Out now

  • NA 001 Nefas MCD and TS
  • NA 002 General Surgery demos 2×7″ EP
  • NA003 Karnarium 7″ EP
  • NA004 Neural Tube Defects – Educhate Cd
  • NA005 Apocalypse Command 7″ EP
  • NA006 Blasfematorio – Before The Alters Cd
  • NA007 Anatomia / Gravesite split 7″
  • NA 008 Euthanasia – Discography Cd and TS
  • NA 009 Sickness 7″ EP and TS
  • NA 011 Dead Fetus (USA): demo 1991 CD
  • NA 012 Rotting Flesh (Bra): CD
  • NA 013 Adramelech (Fin): “Pure Blood Doom” LP, CD and TS
  • NA 014 Absurter Cryst (Ger) EP
  • NA 015 Hetsheads (Swe) LP
  • NA 016 Pharmacist (Jpn): “Medical Renditions Of Grinding Decomposition” LP and TS
  • NA 017 Carnifex (Fin): “Pathological Rites” LP
  • NA 019 Vomitmantik (Ita): “Devotio Ad Bestias” CD
  • NA 020 Sadistic Drive (Fin) tape
  • NA 021 Sickness (Fin) tape and TS
  • NA 022 Festerdecay (Jpn): “Carcasses Revenge” tape SOLD OUT
  • NA 025 Banish (Idn) tape
  • SCUM-001 Black Mass of Absu (USA): CD
  • SCUM-005 Verminous Incubation (USA): tape
  • ON001 – Megahammer tape

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  1. Levykauppa 33 RPM Oy

    We would like to order 5 pieces of NA 017 Carnifex (Fin): “Pathological Rites” LP. What would be the price for our kind of record shop, i.e. retailer price?

    Shipping and billing address is:

    Levykauppa 33 RPM Oy
    Isokatu 12
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