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E-Mail:  nuclearabominations @ gmail . com
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Submitting Material

As usual, you can submit promo material at the address above, honest reviews are assured. The genres preferred in this webzine are however old-school Death Metal and Gore Grind (stuff a la old Grave, Grotesque, old Carcass, Sadistic Intent, Gut, Last Days of Humanity, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, etc.).  Extreme Goregrind, Sick Noisecore, Bestial Black Metal, and Gloomy old-school Death Metal are all well accepted.
Black Metal (in particular the Norwegian kind) unless absolutely a-melodic and raw, US-style slam Death Metal and political Grind Core are usually not well accepted and might be ignored if submitted although exceptions exist (Goatsemen, Inquisition, Revenge, Proclamation, Beherit, Disgorge from San Diego, Suffocation, Brutal Truth, Sorea Threat and Terrorizer are good exceptions to the rule). Doesn’t really matter what the style is as far as it’s sick.
A section dedicated to old Hard Core is also planned but no way I am gonna waste time in that multitude of xeroxed grind/punk/crust/ultracore 7″s where musicians talk about how the system sucks and wear mohawks. It will be mostly about glorious straight-in-your-face stuff a la Siege, Crossed Out, Infest, Negative Approach, early Gang Green, Chain of Strength, Section 8 etc… You know what the difference is.

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