Nuclear Abomination is the fascination for the over-the-top morbid, shocking, and disturbing channeled through all forms of art.

While it began as a paper cut and paste fanzine whose first issue was released in 1995 (prior to that I contributed to different publications writing about horror-related stuff), in 1999 it was converted to a more manageable web version. It has stopped and restarted several times, but it still technically exists in both paper and webzine format, and I still do all of the writing, coding, and so on.

Conforming to the habits of the new millennium, this last incarnation of the ‘zine is not going to be reviewing every submission anymore, you might notice I removed the snail mail address. If you are pleased to send me some physical promos, feel free to do so but write me first at my personal address “nuclearabominations” AT “gmail” THEN A DOT AND THEN A “com”.

Right now, I will just talk about things that I repute of any interest, be it just some news, an advance song, a review of some random album, a monograph of some historical band, or just digressions and rants about how old I have become listening to this shitty kind of music. I deal with basically every genre as far as it has some disturbing, evil side, which usually means Death and Black Metal, but could be any style, really. Plus maybe books, movies etc.

We will see as time goes by

– Mick