Nuclear Abominations is just a label now, ask for wholesale prices at nuclearabominations at gmail dot com. I do not run a distro anymore, you can buy the leftovers at this Discogs account.

I ran Buio Omega shop from 2002 to 2004, I have been struggling with an online distribution for several years but I folded it out for good in 2023. I might tell you about its troubled history in the future on the blog.

I am selling some stuff from the previous distribution on Discogs, check it out.

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2 thoughts on “Distro

  1. Levykauppa 33 RPM Oy

    We would like to order 5 pieces of NA 017 Carnifex (Fin): “Pathological Rites” LP. What would be the price for our kind of record shop, i.e. retailer price?

    Shipping and billing address is:

    Levykauppa 33 RPM Oy
    Isokatu 12
    67100 Kokkola
    Tel. +358405080735

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