Apocalypse Command updates.

Today I finally received the copies I was awaiting for so long, the Apocalypse Command Ep. After over two months of wait, I got a deadline from the factory: the package should have finally be delivered the 28th of August. Instead, it was finally delivered today, over 2 weeks later. Cool. It is surely worth the wait after all.

Imagine how happy I was then, when picking the records out from the boxes, I realized that 1) The cover was made in black and white instead of black and red as instructed. 2) THERE ARE NO LYRICS PRINTED IN THE INNER COVER. THE WHOLE INTERIOR IS BLANK. Now I am discussing with the factory if they are going to replace the whole records or just the sleeves (since the label on the records, too, are wrongly printed in black and white instead of red/black. Obviously, the paper is not 80 grams as requested either. But that’s routine.

I really wanted to start sending away these eps and finally reveal details on the new release… but until this situation is not cleared, I will not write anything else.

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