INCANTATION (USA-Ny): “Onward to Golgotha” Cd 2007 Relapse

Incantation - Onward to GolgothaIt might sounds as if it doesn’t make sense to buy a record you already have on both vinyl and Cd. But this special edition Relapse re-release of “Onward to Golgotha” was really impossible to miss. Things have been done in great style as with all these recent incredible exhumations of jewels such as the Disembowelment box and the Repulsion double Cd. Something just clicked in my damaged brain when I saw this on Relapse’s store website and well, I had to have it. Except for the HUGE typo in the booklet (“Profination” in big silver fonts??), the release is extremely accurate: the booklet is similar to the original one except for some Pantone silver colors, with added hi-res pictures and the jewel case holds this additional DVD disc. But hey, everything is absorbed by the spectacular cover by Miran Kim, a real fucking masterpiece of art. This painting really drags you in a vortex of madness. As said this 15 year anniversary edition of “Onward to Golgotha” (holy shit, already 15 years!) comes with a bonus DVD picturing three great shows with the McEntee/Deo/Roe/Pillard line up.

Being honest, so far I think the most perfect releases were made with Daniel Corchado on vokills, but Pillard’s muscle is uparalleled. The guy was/is just a fucking ogre from hell. And the music on this debut is so unrefined, but at the same so dismal and funereal, it embraces the term Death Metal with dark wings of blackness in its entirety. Incantation‘s debut features a couple of songs that already appeared on various previously released demos and Eps, revisited, darker and fitting one huge painting of hellish black and red tones. The riffs are just anything short of perfect, so dark, gnawed to the bone but brutal and massive, just like say Hellhammer, a monolith to the inverted god below. Pillard’s passion for slower, darkest atmospheres were perfect complement for McEntee’s undeniable genius for classic Death Metal riffs. I still believe he’s the biggest guitarist in Death Metal after Danny Coralles. I challenge anyone to say “Entrantment of Evil” is not one of the best songs of all time. Every single chord in this album cuts through the flesh of the liar of golgotha with unmerciful brutality. This is a black jewel, pure gold, real Death Metal.

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