Deformity “Obsessed With Death” tape, 2010

Oggi il Dottor Marciume ascolta: Deformity “Obsessed With Death” tape, ingenuous proto-brutaldeath from Costa Rica, Visceral Vomit/Murder 2010

Despite the lineart cover and OSDM typewriter layout Deformity is a prom night would-be Brutal Death metal band from Costa Rica, my guess is their southern world origin somehow safeguarding them from going all out guido slam, they sound more like a hugely simplified version of Internal Suffering. They are decently fast and tight for being so young (maybe not so much, two of them put their sons in the thanklist).
This band has an amazingly naive 90’s teenager attitude, one song even starts out by ripoffing “Sense of Demise” by Sinister so much that I thought it was a cover. And the song titles like “Freddy Krueger” are so eastern block thrash I cannot help but liking them. It’s somehow weird because this band is still active and even wrote two full-length albums so far, go figure.
My favorite part of this tape is the snail address featured “800 meters sur del salon la cima, plantel de aya”.
Nothing special but I have no method but randomness to pick records to review lately.

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