Killing Addiction “When Death Becomes An Art” 7″, Inverse Dogma 2015

Oggi il Dottor Marciume ascolta: Killing Addiction “When Death Becomes An Art” 7″, generic technical Death Metal from US, Inverse Dogma 2015

I have no idea why I keep giving this band a chance, obviously, the best stuff they released was the Necroshine 7″ on Seraphic Decay and well I have a fetish for that label, but I think the shitty raspy production gave a kick to a band that composition-wise just doesn’t have “it”. The CD they had on JL America was already highly generic uptempo meh techie Death/Thrash with boring, dangerous kind of boring I mean, you can’t really listen to that while driving, influences. And yet I still have my copy of that too, you know, amazing Nick Curry cover you can’t miss that. Arguably the return of the band meant better production that probably suits even better their sound. This 7″ was released on a little label from Italy and I think they did a decent job, indeed the recording is crisp and probably these riffs are way better than the ones on the album, but I cannot stand all that mid-tempo chugs and vocals that just follow every single twist. They added some melody in the twist as well, shifting inexorably the band towards a sunny corner of this genre I am not interested in.

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