Incubus “Incubus” 7″, 1987-1989

Oggi il Dottor Marciume ascolta: Incubus “Incubus” 7″, THE Death Metal, Gore (1987-1989)

There is basically no excuse not to own this record if one listens to Death Metal, as it captures the true Death Metal essence in its most untainted form. Because, yes, Death Metal is something way more than gore lyrics and blasts, something that I believe many people are missing today, especially coming from other genres. It’s the vibrant energy of blood and transition, of pain and trespassing, of loss and blissful abandonment. Recorded back in 1987 and re-released on a legendary German label that also released a bunch of other huge classic vinyls like Asphyx, Disastrous Murmur and Macabre, this EP contains all of this and more. Think of the schizophrenic vocals and drumming of Nuclear Death transferred into Morbid Angel’s demos and you get an idea of the necromantic leather and spikes savagery of this immense recording. You get all the intricate distant riffing, delirious solos, crazy vocals, all the three-dimensional textures of sweat, spikes, and black leather that this music used to stand for. I still rate it one inch from Morbid Angel or Necrovore, but these guys were playing in the same game and they definitely got to the finals.

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