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MORTORIUM (Ita): “Whore of the Liar” demo Cd-r 2008 s/p

MortoriumI knew I was hearing right even beneath the folds of inexperience when I first heard Mortorium. The first demo (review soon, damn! I still need to review the first one and I already got the second ahah, that’s what makes you understand how slow you have become) was not one of face paling blasphemy, but things have improved ten times so far.

They sadly give up to some mellow Black Metal clichès at times (in the second half of “Bleeding Wounds” – I have to skip the track becouse I cannot stand it), but mostly they’re good at composing brutal Black Metal with throat ripping roaring vocals. The singer knows his due, sometimes reminds me of Funeral Mist‘s Arioch (now Marduk I think, not sure) , in which the vocal range is broad, but always evil. You get 12 minutes in all on this demo, but the material is pretty intense, I am quite happy we have bands like this in Italy after all the incredible mass of shit I had to hear in the ’90’s (and sadly today still going strong with all that shit about witches and trolls). Bands like this and Mefitic or The Krushers make me hope for a better future of burned down churches and Satan-centered Black Metal. Mortorium plays straight ahead Black Metal with raw structures, slightly Swedish riffing and a good balance of South American madness..

I am not a fan of war imagery, so I’ll skip comments on the machine gun in the back. But the rest of the demo follows the big principles of “good demo design”: no advanced Photoshop tricks, just a b/w cover with gothic fonts and a picture of Padre Pio (which is the whore in question) with an upside down cross on his forehead, ahah!

Cut the second song at 1.50 and we’d have a killer demo!

MERCENARY COCKROACH (Hrv): “s/t” split Cd with BOLESNO GRINJE (Hrv) 2007 Endless Brutality of Men

BOLESNO GRINJENever in a million years I would have guessed that a band with a shitty loser name like this would be this good. They are a fucking bulldozer of a band with a sound that initially reminded me of Extinction of Mankind and Self Hate. Powerful, in your face bulldozer grindcore with ultra fat, sinewy, bulging sound and super deep vocals. And have a listen to the drummer, a non stop machine. And what about the solos (!!!), even the solos are good in an almost Morbid Angelesque way. Hell yes, I am nuts but all this brutality blends flawlessly with its simplicity. There are no million metal riffs, just cut throat blasting, guttural growls and this metallic wrapping sound. And for some reason it doesn’t sound metal at all, which is good in a weird way. I must say I have fallen in love with this band, I just wish it had some skulls in their logo and some guts on the cover artwork, sigh! But you know how it is with Eastern Europe, they have to make fun of everything, I guess it must have been all that gray, humorless communism they went through.

Seriously speaking this band KICK SOME SERIOUS ASSES. Once picked out two or three weak tarantellas in the whole side, the rest is untainted brutality without frills and embellishments. We need more bands with this linear approach to grindcore. It might be a bot too clean for some palates but other than that they shred. Very recommended. Just cross your fingers that one day they will change name!

MAXIMUM PERVERSION (aus): “Fuck Ya Ears and Drink Ya Beers” split Cd with EBOLIE (aus) 2008 Grindhead

ghr18.jpgNew round from Australia’s premiere grindcore label Grindhead. Damn these guys are as prolific as rabbits.

Once more we have a split recording between two Australian bands. The first one, Maximum Perversion sound new to me, but I cannot swear I never heard them before, my memory is losing track lately. Might be, because I haven’t found anything particularly memorable on their side. This stuff is quite Ok I guess, I mean, neato Death Metal with double vocals a la Exhumed/Macabre and some grinding/crust vibe, but they never blast out to frightening levels, and this mid tempo groovy chords are definitely not bad, but far from raising wet headbanging desires either. The Aussies have good taste with riffs for sure, that must be genetic somehow, yet sometimes thing don’t click even when every thing’s in the right place.

The recording is of my personal taste, chaotic but balanced well enough to distinguish every single move. There is one really good song in the end, called “Wizardgrind” go for it if you need some recommendations.

MARDUK (Swe): “Dark Endless” Cd 1992 No Fashion

Naming the band after a Babylonian god and talking about blasphemy of the Judeo/Christian religion might sound a bit weird, but after all that’s the Morbid Angel way. The first thing that kicks ass in this album is the killer cover art by no one else than Dani Vala, guitarist and singer of the band I reviewed yesterday, Obscurity. Why this guy didn’t do more of these splendid works is beyond me. This painting is really “evil”, and grotesque.

Marduk - Dark EndlessSeveral of the best bands that turned into pure Black Metal in the nineties have common roots in the Death Metal scene (not that I think there is so much difference between the genres after all anyway). Marduk‘s first album “Dark Endless” has all the great elements of the classic Swedish Death Metal sound. Dan Swano did a good job at fiding the right sound for this recording – the obese trademark crushing sound of the Swedish axe permeates all songs, with a good balance of mid tempo, Bolt Thrower reminiscent riffs, hints of melodies in the vein of old Crematory, and even a sporadic use of keyboards a la Thou Shalt Suffer towards the end. While the album closes with an epic, elaborate and evocative guitarwork, the first songs, while generally faster, have their good share of sluggish, almost symphonic bridges. All of this has been obviously cooked with the classic Swedish receipt of sickness – none of this sounds mellow. My only regret is the vocals are a bit too raspy and high. I guess how killer this would have sounded with a real singer like Rogga of Merciless or a young Matti Karki. The main theme on this album could be misanthropy and obscurity, elements that were lost with time. I admit I like this stuff, but also their newer albums. This might not be an album that can be credited as legendary in the Death Metal world, but it’s a good compromise of Swedish Death Metal, crushing heaviness, misanthropy and a pinch of classic Scandinavian taste for dark melodies.

My copy, on No Fashion, has no lyrics on it, but I guess the new version has a better booklet. For sure the titles themselves follow the music perfectly: they are all about departure, funerals, damnation…

MACERATION (Dnk): “A Serenade Of Agony” Cd 1992 Progress

Maceration - SerenadeNot many good bands ever spun from Denmark that I can remember. Apart from my first Metal band ever Mercyful Fate and some 80’s stuff like Artillery, Samhain and Desexult, on top of my head I can only name the first Invocator, the Autopsy worshipping Corpse Vomit, early Illdisposed, late war Metal Exmortem, the first brutal Infernal Torment full-length, the 2 egregious while absolutely symphonic Autumn Leaves albums, and maybe a bunch of other minor names  that barely escaped the demo bounds (I did some shopping in Copenaghen in 1994 looking for demos). Let’s put Sadomator/Sadogoat as well, and even Denial Of God if you wish (although I have not much sympathy for this band).  But that’s really it. Yesterday while sweeping the floor in my apartment, I put on this nice Cd from 1992. If my memory doesn’t fail me, this was one of the very first releases by Progress. I already knew the label when it was named Regress, since they had this really nice fanzine that covered both music and tattoos. The label subsequenttly folded in the mildly impressive Die Hard.

I remember Maceration was not an amazingly original band (and the logo was quite anonymous), but in a time of sadness like the one we’re living in , I admit I enjoyed listening to it so much I spinned it four times. Dan Swano used to sing on this album under false name and admittedly, these are the best growls I have heard from him among his countless (mostly terrible) projects. The music itself is definitely old school, but not incredibly dark or eerie. It reminds me mostly of Loudblast, Morgoth and Asphyx, with distinct structures and even some sparkles of Bolt Thrower-ish melodies (so to speak). While mostly midtempo, the album gets faster towards the end (probably older songs). While no masterpiece, I reccomend this album to those who already have the essential discography of the aforementioned bands. It usually goes for very cheap in 2nd hand bins, possibly 5 euros or less.