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Imperium from Ohio, second album

This is a one man/two men band from Ohio run by the guy who also plays in Mortuary Ghoul (out in CD format on Dismal Fate from Italy, get it it’s great Mortician-like massive Death Metal). They mostly exist online but they have released also some CD/tape in the past. There might be a gazillion digital bands online today if one digs deep enough but I admit I like this Imperium and I hope they can release something proper soon. Expect good savage abrasive shit like Revenge, Goatpenis etc. but a little more linear. The layout is quite terrible from the image we see but nothing that cannot be fixed somehow by a good label. They used to have a bandcamp page that does not exist anymore, so maybe they signed already? Below a link to the second album that was released two months ago, check it out.