DEMONICAL (Swe): “Bloodspell Divine” Cd 2007 Dreamtide

DemonicalI admit that war is not my favorite theme in terms of aesthetics and lyrics in Death Metal, but when things are done properly, it works indeed. It’s a bit weird becouse there is no real common theme judging by the song titles, and since there is no lyricsheet here either, I cannot tell if the next release will follow this concept. I got this promo of Dreamtide Music records directly from Martin/Centinex a few weeks ago and I have listened to it quite often since, it’s killer Death Fucking Metal with a LOT of energy and the right sound and real no weak riffs. It is not striclty Swedish Death as in Left Hand Path if you know what I mean, but it succeeeds in sounding advanced without being polished. The distortion is low and powerful with lots of fast and chuggish riffs, choruses and trademark Swedish vocals that sound deep but also distinct. Compared to latest Centinex here we have some way heavier, more coherent and compact Swedish Death. No real weak spots here to exploit, they sound a bit like latest Dismember without the boring melodies, with an added war metal touch a la Exmortem. A full length like this will be very impressive. Dreamtide music website does not seem to exist but it may just be down at the moment. More of this, please.

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