SPERMSWAMP (Can): “Bizarre Joy Toys” split Cd with RIGOR MORTIS (Rus) 2005 Not Like Most

|SpermswampI already heard Spermswamp on the nice 3 way split with Radikalis Amputacio and mighty Plasma on Rottenpyosis, and just later I recovered one copy of the funny demo Cdr this guy released on just 50 copies “If Abortion is a Murder, Masturbation is a Genocide” (probably to be repressed one day by Mexican label Sindrome). Well this guy has progressed quite a bit from sliding mixer levers and pushing buttons to assemble some fucking noise. The first demo was a kind of amateurish experiment that featured computer effects of all kind and distorted vocals yelled in a microphone probably stuck right into the mouth. However this time he’s back with some interesting cyber-goregrind with a head and a tail, even though the resemblances with Libido Airbag in the beginning are a bit evident (rave disco distortion and porn samples, you know the formula), somewhere in the middle of the Spermswamp side the disc changes style… well I have to tell something about this turn, something weird happened to me when listening to this split: I put the disc on before going to wash my dishes and suddenly when I was still cleaning the pans, I heard this fucking noise that was totally out of style, and I thought “well this really sounds like damn Anal Birth!). Well, I was right

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