ASK HEROIN SALLY (Can): “Apathetic Infant Skull” split Cd with NOISECORE FREAK (Can) 2005 Dead Six

Noisecore FreakThree cool experimental tracks share recording space with one of the latest Noisecore Freak works. I am not sure how serious this Ask Heroin Sally project is for Mr. Stepniewski, but it surely is interesting in its lucid folly. The band offers a nice example of noisy ambient music with an elegant and progressive use of samples that overlap upon a layer of drone-like loops. The music is slow and funereal, elegantly futuristic but always smooth. The use of loops is moderate, and always set up with some logic. Sometimes the sound hisses but it’s never a violent thing, it’s mostly a sound that wraps you in like typical New Age gone horribly bad. Only towards the end the noise screeches become predominant. This band strays quite far from grind, as it’s mostly an experiment on dire frequencies and creepy loops from what I hear – but sincerely I have no tools to understand if this stuff is done properly or not. Personally I find it nice to hear, even if I also find it extremely unlikely that I will ever look specifically for it in the future. For those looking for an unlikely balance of extremes this split might be a good choice. The whole album concept, including the cover artwork, is coming straight from the deranged mind of the creator C. Stepniewski. Not impossibly effective, but very complete in its short running time.

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