NOISECORE FREAK (Can): “Apathetic Infant Skull” split Cd with ASK HEROIN SALLY (Can) 2005 Dead Six

Noisecore FreakI have been considering whether to review this split as a single album or into two separate parts becouse Noisecore Freak and Ask Heroin Sally are basically the same band, both one-man projects lead by this guy from Canada that goes by the name of C. Stepniewski. In the end I gave it the privilege of two separate judgments, since they’re extremely different in approach. The whole record lasts little more than 15 minutes, roughly split in two, so you get a very short, yet intense window at the world of Noisecore Freak. The band is aptly named, as this stuff is both freakish and noisy, even if a bit too mechanical-electronic in sound than what I identify as pure noisecore (i.e. 7MON). These ten scarce minutes are a constantly spastic, uneven, interconnection of blurs of hyperblasting speed and one second stops, crazed drum machine and pissed off screams in the best of Japanese tradition. I generally hate dissonance in grind, but this guy hides it well beyond layers upon layers of barking, grating sounds.  I am pretty sure this is the kind of stuff that get hard ons to lovers of the Relapse style of bands. Hectic and vibrating with energy, it is maybe a bit too precise in its chaos for my tastes – I am not much into these modern disharmonies a la Luddite Clone or Discordant Axis even when backed up by powerful grindcore. Short but intense.

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