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Apocalypse Command updates.

Today I finally received the copies I was awaiting for so long, the Apocalypse Command Ep. After over two months of wait, I got a deadline from the factory: the package should have finally be delivered the 28th of August. Instead, it was finally delivered today, over 2 weeks later. Cool. It is surely worth the wait after all.

Imagine how happy I was then, when picking the records out from the boxes, I realized that 1) The cover was made in black and white instead of black and red as instructed. 2) THERE ARE NO LYRICS PRINTED IN THE INNER COVER. THE WHOLE INTERIOR IS BLANK. Now I am discussing with the factory if they are going to replace the whole records or just the sleeves (since the label on the records, too, are wrongly printed in black and white instead of red/black. Obviously, the paper is not 80 grams as requested either. But that’s routine.

I really wanted to start sending away these eps and finally reveal details on the new release… but until this situation is not cleared, I will not write anything else.

No updates but…

Several things going in the background.

Apocalypse Command is at the pressing plant and will be released in August. Cannot wait to see how it’s turning out. I also have another release soon to be completed… but I won’t reveal anything yet.

I renewed and cleaned up the Buio Omega website. The distro is now active 100% and some new material is coming in a few days. Once the label is rolling again, prepare for a flood of really nasty records… only selected shit, no sell out fillers. I am also doing a lot of work in the background to prepare a decent shopping cart and registration system, although I have still no idea when it will be accessible to public.

As for gigs, I am preparing to go HERE. ‘Nuff said?

Sadistic Intent - Hamburg

Slow updates

You might have noticed that updates have not been regular lately. That’s because I have been super-busy with the other half of Nuclear Abominations: the label.

Sadly I have to announce that the Nuclear Death demos collection has slipped forward once again in the time table. I am making sure things are made the best way possible for this release so dear to me and I relied on the best artist for the task of putting together all the elements for the layout. I haven’t seen any sketches yet but I quite sure things will be memorabl. He has been busy with jobs like Deathspell Omega so if you want a preview of the style, have a look at those works. So far only the Cd has been discussed but the vinyl version will be released not much later.

So while I am awaiting for a bunch of other releases to be prepared I decided to give the first kick myself. As I am writing, all the layouts and music files are ready at the pressing plant for the first new Nuclear Abominations release. I did it all myself so let’s cross fingers. It won’t be the last one however, I promise. Before saying who the artist on the new 7″ is I want to have the real thing in my hands however, I had too many bad experiences in the past so no proclaims before the ball is rolling in my hands. As soon as I can I will post all infos, including shipping costs etc. Some trades might be possible but only against vinyl. Last word. Believe me this Ep is going to be a real nice cut of blasphemy…

Talking about Nuclear Abominations release ideas which have been promptly taken by other labels, Necroharmonic has just released a re-release of the Singles Collections by Gut, originally on Deliria. Haven’t seen the package but the cover doesn’t look particularly good. Probably my idea of a 3Cd discography would have been somewhat better. Anyway that idea made sense only so far as the band was disbanded, it doesn’t really make sense to make a anthology of an active one (not to mention the last stuff is quite “controversial”).