HOL-A-WIT (Mex): “El Hueco De Tu Ano” Cd 2003 Half Life

HOL A WIT - Orgia de SangreHere it is, the real Mexican gore massacre! I personally like Hol-A-Wit (which should roughly translate to “asshole” from what I understood) consistently much more than Semen. (2 members out of three, except for Luisa Bocanegra, come from  there so I guess Semen is a continuation of Hol-A-Wit or are similarly related). The band plays sublime third world gore grind with a ultra raw and garageish production, with clear porn gore influences.

The layout of the Cd is simple but the Alarma newspaper format is always nice to look at, one can recall Impetigo’s Faceless tape that used a similar scheme. No lyrics inside sadly, but I can guess they’re all about pathological gore and porn, that is what goregrind is supposed to be about.

I might probably consider the sound card of my laptop responsible for part of the noise that is caused from the band unrelenting distortion but I know there is a lot of pure filth already in this shit of an album (positively speaking). The riffs are simple, the drum blasts convincing, and the vocals low but in a humid, raspy way. I like the way the singer spits and gargles and bends his vocals to the whole range of unwholesome sonorities. One very good point is that there are no melodies in here, and that’s why I consider this one of the very few pure goregrind albums I have reviewed recently. This is really good stuff, if not as savagely powerful as Suppuration, it’s still noisy vomiting grind from a violent country, and it shows. These guys always have an extra punch compared to northern Europe or USA. Good honest porngore with a real drummer, extra distortion and gargling vocals. What else can one ask for?

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