FULLY CONSUMED (USA-Oh): “Fully Consumed” Cd 2006 Epitomite

Fully Consumed - Fully ConsumedMan I am a real poser but the logo of this band was really APPALLING. I could tattoo myself the Birdflesh one in place of this monstrosity, an unbelievable combination of ugly fonts, flame effects and Photoshop random embellishments. Luckily it seems some effects have been dropped. But the Cd remains legendary in ugliness. Totally wrong resolution, one ton of flaming and glowing effects all around, and to top it off a guy with the Beatles haircut in the band. Things look grim indeed…

For some reason I remember I was in touch with the singer at the time of Ton, I think I still have a tape he sent me which is halfway made of Ton tracks and halfway dub music. I must be regressing with time because I really don’t remember I ever liked Ton. Fully Consumed is admittedly somewhat better. All the trippy stuff has gone, replaced by some sort of ultra technical stuff. The recording is sharp, the tracks complex and probably musicianship is also quite good, but I really cannot get into it, maybe it’s a period who knows. This band from Akron plays ultra-tight Brutal Death with a double vocal front and a huge dose of contaminations, from funky bass slapping to some elements of Swedish HC. Everything is in constant motion. The vocals are stretched all through the whole spectrum, and the drum and bass section is just hectic. I have no elements to fully appreciate the skill, so I will tell you what it makes me feel. Well, pretty nothing actually. All the sounds are quite artificial. And I don’t really this metallic bass sound a la Cryptopsy stinging so often within the tracks. This must be for lovers of schizoid and technical stuff, a kind of metal I am not predominantly into of late.

One last good thing is that while the booklet is awful, it’s complete for once. It has full lyrics in it and all the stuff. The lyrics are the kind made of short sentences a la Dillinger Escape Plan – not my stuff either, but at least present.

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