So little time and so many things to do.

I am finally operative again, after a bunch of delays due to several uncontrollable events. I am not just a full time worker anymore – I also enrolled to University. That – and the fact my computer was out of order for the past few months – made updating the website quite difficult. Anyway here are some news for you.

  • Apocalypse Command is out. Not the way it should have looked since the factory fucked up completely the layout, but at last it is out. You can buy your copy simply by emailing me at the usual address or through Buio Omega’s website. Pending trades and orders will be taken care shortly, just the time it takes to clear out the inbox from the ridicolous quantity of spam I have received during my off-season time.
  • Next out on Nuclear Abominations rex is the full Necrotion discography. The Cd will also feature 3 brand new tracks, rehearsals, and the usual killer booklet. Stay tuned.
  • Other tentative releases are being discussed but the one that probably interest you more is Nuclear Death demos. Well it seems this year we will not make it. But there has been a recent event that seems to have unblocked the work. Time shall tell.
  • I have a new puter, that means new reviews out soon. if you sent promos and if they’re not hopelessly bad, you will see the review some day soon.
  • A huge Goreaphobia interview is in stall awaiting for the very last answer. if I don’t receive it by next friday, I will upload it as is.
  • No printed issue of Nuclear Abominations is in my plans this year – just too many other important things to do. Let’s call the project on hold for now

All for now, I need to answer to some 500 emails now.

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