FETUS EATERS (USA-Ca): “Da Vinci Core” split Cd with DIORRHEA (Ita) 2007 Grindmind

Fetus EatersCool, a band from Brubank (California), home of Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Fetus Eaters. It seems some demented humour has spilled out the Disney Studios down into Fetus Eater‘s rehearsal room somewhen in the past… their blend of crackbrained free grind is actually funny, but not annoying. some of the spirit of Schnauzer, Minch and Pissed Off Orgasm definitely has migrated here, although the music seems a bit more controlled than in the early days of noisecore cassettes. Fetus Eaters have broiled a solid bunch of crazy songs all about free screaming, nasty cartoon-like shrills and a bunch of grunts mixed with Green Beret-like grind and some Metal as well. While I like the spontaneity, I admit I have grown a bit bored of this kind of approach to grind, might it be that I hate Mr Bungle and similar “weird but with intelligence – hey man, I study philosphy in Bologna, please give food to my dog while I fix my dreadlocks” projects. Who knows. The good thing is that while savage and schizoid, the band doesn’t seem to lose ground in regards of brutality. Some tracks have actually really cool bridges, yet the continuous yells tend to a be a bit unnerving on the long run. I have some complaints on the packaging too – first off I generally don0t like greyscale booklets, they just look cheap – I think you could do a much better job with simple black and white and with the same money – but that’s fuss, ignore this comment. Second, reading the booklet was an agony. Not cryptic with style as in Demilich… more like let’s grab a cheap front from a random website, scatter the text around and let’s write nonsense shit like “some people actually like Manowar”… oh come on, I found that kind of humour cheesy even in 2nd grade school. While the dorection is good, I was expecting something more. But that might just be me… I am not much into experimenting lately.

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