INTUMESCENCE (hol): “The Method, The Motive, The Murder, The Madness” Cd 2007 Grindfest

Intumescence - The MethodOh shit, this is nice. Grindfest from Poland keeps popping sick Cds like a fat rabbit milady. Holland’s masters Intumescence collect here 6 years of insane sludgy goregrind (of which admittedly a good part are live tracks). Total respect for their choice of covers (Carcass, Exulceration and Dead Infection, the fourth one is by that super shit gay band called goatsnake – no capital letters for this fags, this shit is so fucking trendy today), which are pretty explicative of the kind of grind they offer, a kind of goregrind with an imprint which it seems has been forgotten nowadays, a work of a real band with real drums and a honestly sewage sound – not studied beforehand to sound vintage at all costs, you know, shit like Striborg etc. The vocals here are a grume of blood and spittle, deep and sticky of yellowish phlegm, the sound super-low and grating, almost in the vein of Carnival of Carnage even if not THAT noisy. I like the fact that the guitarwork too is not crusty or rock’n’rollish either, the riffs are totally unmelodic and twisted, even if quite simple. I got a bit bored of all this happy party sludge grind for east Euoropean post-festivals: this stiff is really sick and disharmonic, as grindcore used to be in the beginning, and I mean late eighties. Even the live tracks have their own fascination, not particularly worse sounding than the “studio” tracks. The sound manages to stay thick, and the whole thing reeks of mold and shit, absolutely cool. Good blasting and goregurgling like this genre is meant to be. Full thumb up for me. Buy or die etc etc. The packaging is the only kind of weak spot, difficult to read, and quite basic, just song titles and little else, with paper a bit too thin to stay rigid in the booklet, but otherwise not real terrible after all. We need more goregrind like this.

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