KIJU (Ita): “Demon(n)cracy” Lp Cd 2007 Hardebaran/Twofatmen

KijuHoly christ, I am frozen in indecision. This music is the farthest you could find from the theme of Nuclear Abominations. I really do not have any tools to criticize this stuff, it’s just beyond me. There are traces of late Testament, maybe Pantera (even if I don’t know them well) in the sound with that overuse of aggro riffs and that Meshuggah-like lyric style. I think that if this band was from NY the arists would probably wear bandannas. It’s a cross of modern Metal-core-something, maybe modern Thrash, no clue. Mostly it’s about chugs, choruses, vocals a la Sepultura/Sick of It All. I am so distant from that scene today I don’t even know if they would call this band Hard Core or Metal, maybe it depends on the hairstyle of the one listening ahah. If you have shaved hair and goatee maybe you could like this album. Really, I cannot give an honest opinion, sorry – personally I find it rather uninspiring, but this is a kind of music that does not exist in my life. I’ll file it under Thrash Metal for lack of better terms even if this FAR from Blood Feast or Whiplash (which is the Thrash for me). I am pretty sure no reader of this zine will like it, though – but many that hate it could. Your choice.

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