Interviews with:AANAL BEEHEMOTH (Fin), ABOMINAT (Nor),CATALEPSY (Hun), CRUCIFIST (Us), DEATH BREATH (Swe), DISKORD (Nor), EXCORIATE (Ger), GOREPHILIA (ex-GORETEXX) (Fin), HATESPAWN (Ger), OBSKURE TORTURE (Den), and around a hundred demo/LP/CD/7″,etc. reviews – English-written , 48 thickly-printed pages with small-sized fonts , A/5-sized , Xeroxed.

For trades/prices/wholesale or anything write to: DEADLY ILLNESS ‘zine c/o Poller Csaba, Budapest 1183, Nimr√≥d u. 73, Hungary

Kobolds attack!

Also, I got this cool ad in my mail yesterday, by label “OLD FOREST” (did I say old forest?)

TALES OF THE SUSSEX WEALD PART 1 (DTM014).Today (Easter Sunday 2008) sees the release of the first material from obscure cult Black Metal group Old Forest in over 7 years. This is the first part of a trilogy exploring the pre-christian / post-christian myths of the Susex Weald. According to vocalist Kobold…

Wait… kobold? KOBOLD? KOBOLD??? For those unfamiliar with RPGs, here’s a kobold..

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