PROCLAMATION (Spa): “Messiah of Darkness and Impurity” Lp Cd 2007

ProclamationProclamation‘s “Messiah of Darkness and Impurity” is, on my part, one of the most anticipated album of 2008. Of all the bands belonging to the recently mutated (in better – I mean) Black Metal scene, they stand aside like clumps of rotting flesh hanging from the spear wound upon christ’s chest. Proclamation definitely has a couple of elements which I personally consider to be most representative of what REAL Black Metal should sound. The sound on this album is raw, hypnotic, almost tribal. They capture in the best of ways all the droning trance-like intensity and blood red strength of Von, in a sulphuric concoction which is undoubtedly Theirs. For years I wondered what was the matter with thin childish vocals in Black Metal, and here I am proven right – they have always been pointless. Proclamation‘s vocals are a balanced mix of demoniac runts, bestial roars and enraptured enchantments of Metal of Death. Pure Beherit furs and horns on record – layered on a hypnotic ultra-low subliminal waveline of classy, simple but charming riffs that evoke images of pain and bestiality – with a proper attention to Hellhammer and earliest incarnations of the Black Metal art. Hail Satan. These songs are at the same time utterly chaotic but also mesmerizing in their scattered complexity – not even the Slayer-ish solos manage to break the rhythmic pace of these temples. As one could find some sort of ordered pattern in their Chaos most Dark and Sublime.

If you want my opinion, this is possibly one of the best Death Metal bands around (did I say Death Metal? Fuck yes, let’s inject some pride in the name once again) today. They are at the same time extremely personal, but also carelessly derivative of the great classics of the genre – Profanatica, Sarcofago, Blasphemy etc. As it should be.

Usually I tend to give a thought or two on the cover art and booklet layout as well, and once more I say things here fit like hand in glove. The classic red logo/white line-art combination is still the best in Metal, and the booklet is simple but coherent and well balanced. Nothing fancy but you don’t have the idea of having bought a Cd-Rom either. I am just annoyed by the punch hole, but you know, here’s how the promo thing goes – you give publicity to dozens of bands but don’t even deserve a 1-euro Cd for the exposure… whatever.

Apocalyptic nuclear vomiting satanic hellish massacring Black Metal for you, sirs.

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