BLOOD RED THRONE (Nor): “Come Death” Cd 2007 Earache

Ok, I admit I overlooked Blood Red Throne on purpose for the last few years. There was just something inherently wrong between me and them, they gave me an impression of slick, glossy music which I personally detest – second rate death metal with lowercase “d” so to speak. Might be the fact they were on Hammerheart, the big reviews on national mags, or the hype given by the fact they are Norwegians with ex Satyricon and Emperor members. I always thought this was the kind of band that plays in the background while you’re paying for your ticket while arriving late at a show of a bigger name. But I have to admit this stuff is not bad at all. Surely a bit static, and I am pretty sure they’re much better on record than live – but definitely not too bad. The vocals are really powerful, and some riff recall late Skinless (song 2 and 4 are , Deranged or Centinex. We’re sure more into American ground composition- and sound-wise than other Scandinavian names – definitely Death Metal anyway. Also the production is cool, not too triggered, not too polished. I won’t say this is a powerhouse of energy but definitely more than decent, goes half a point over the average in my scale. I personally don’t think I would stand a third listen, some songs could really exists with their length cut in half,

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