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Entropic Degrade Behind Phylogeny “The Absence Screamed Ten Times” CD-r 2004

Oggi il Dottor Marciume ascolta: Entropic Degrade Behind Phylogeny “The Absence Screamed Ten Times” CD-r, full blast bulldozing goregrind from La Spezia, s/p 2004

You might be surprised how massive the sound of this thin CD-r is. This is a band that managed to replicate the breathless pummeling of the eastern block goregrind masters like early Squash Bowels and Dead Infection with that additional dose of loose relentless uptempo hammering that only bands Inhume managed to hit. It is no surprise I believe that just like the dutchs some of the members have different backgrounds, Gionata will forgive me if I state that this is possibly the only band he played in I enjoy ah ah! There is no space for breathing on this record, and I think it’s a real pity we didn’t get more of this great shit. Stylistically speaking the band had serious potential, I really liked their grotesque artworks and insane Abscess-like handwriting!

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Bowel Fetus haul, splits with Offal and Canker

Foto 08-04-14 20 23 52 Bowel Fetus splits with Offal and Canker

Bowel Fetus was a band active for a couple of years from 2004 to 2008 which concocted a weird mix of Doom and Goregrind. Glen, the man behind this project, was so kind to send me a couple of promo Cds together with some old stuff I ordered from him at the time. Even if the band is probably dead by now (Glen if you read this, get in touch!) I feel like reviewing these two albums just because fuck you, that’s why, the band was awesome. And besides, it had a really nice logo.

Bowel Fetus / Offal (Aus/Bra) “Putr-essence” split Cd 2008 The Hole

Offal is the only still active band among those featured in this post. I don’t know how much Andrè from Lymphatic Phlegm considers it a side project rather than a fully certified band, but in any case this stuff is quite good. He started Offal as a tribute to Autopsy and Impetigo, but I could dare to say they don’t really sound much like neither, except for the horror movie samples. If I had to attempt some comparison, they really sound like some of those old Carcass-inspired demo bands from Scandinavia (or Fennoscandia) of the late 80’s-early ’90s like demo-era Xysma or Traumatic, clearly less “pathological” than these. Most of the songs are mid tempos and the varied use of vocals is decently done. While I definitely dig the genre, I think Offal lacked here a bit in pure sewage tase in the arrangements.

Bowel Fetus here deploys two tracks of his top-level Gore/Doom in the vein of Catasexual Urge Motivation meets Autopsy meets dISEMBOWELMENT and you know, for a one man band this stuff was definitely good. Just like CUM, slow crushing riffs seem to linger forever just to be replaced by furious Mortician-like blasts all the while floating on our beloved sick Autopsy dissonance . What’s more impressive in my opinion is that while certainly the songs are not overly complex, Glen doesn’t throw in a single wrong note in these tracks.

The case is cardboard which means start looking for a plastic film as soon as possible if you get it because it gets ruined very fast. The sleeve contains also a lyricsheet which is quite unusual these days, at least for Offal, since Bowel Fetus, afaik, has no lyrics. Oh and the disc itself is a beauty, red both sides.

Bowel Fetus / Canker (Aus/) “Fetal Toilet Treats / Drink My Urine You Straightedge Cunts” split Cd-r 2005 Fecal Matter Discorporated

Ah, FMD, one of my favorite underground labels. Pure DIY mentality and lots of musical deranged psychosis. Fecal Matter grabbed Canadian goregrinder due Canker and Bowel Fetus for one hell of a spliit here.

Bowel Fetus opens up their side whose cover this time delves less into gore and more into sick scat-urine imagery. The sound itself is here also extremely deep, rough and bass-heavy. with a weird background noise similar to some electronic component gone awry. I really like thes etracks, possibly the best, heavier and sicker Bowel Fetus recorded. While the slow Disembowelment/CUM bridges are present in the second song “Clown Suck”, Glen decided to go knee deep into the goregrind soundscape here, maybe as an homage to the label. Te vocals are too a deep liquid yet very low gurgle, perfect for the job. All in all this is a flawless recording.

Canker’s story, for those new to the name, is seriously spine-chilling as both members of this band committed suicide in respectively years 2006 and 2007. Their sound changed quite a bit over time and these tracks are a bit on the noisy/garage side with one of the strangest mixes I have heard especially for the percussions. Songs are typically 1 minute average with a bass-guitar sound that is more like a broken string but at least apart from the trademark goregrind vocals everything here is played with real instruments, so much so you hear “recording” sounds in the background at the start of every song. I have listened to so many bedroom goregrind projects over the years that hearing honest garage sewer shit makes me feel almost nostalgic.

The packaging is the typical FMD CD-r with home-made color xeroxed covers in a plastic sleeve. Both bands recorded urine and scat-themed songs for this split, and the cover artwork corresponds.

Emocaust records’ newest goregrind and gorenoise releases

Emocaust records releases

Emocaust records promo package.

Here we have a tasty little package from this relatively young Spanish label specialized in goregrind, cybergrind and gorenoise. This splendidly bloody package includes

  1. ECR7 VV.AA.:”50 Years Of Gore (1962-2013)” compilation Cd 2013 (this is also a free download)
  2. ECR 9 Cannibe/Septic Autopsy/Infected Gastroenteritis “3 way of Infected Autopsy into the Cannibalism” 3 way split Cd 2013
  3. ECR12 Necropodridal Cadaveric (Arg) “Recolección De Regurgitaciones Putrefactas” ‎Cd-r 2013
  4. – Cunt Pus Ingurgitator (USA): “Impulse To Fuck A Headless Whore” Cd-r 2013

50 Years Of Gore (1962-2013)

Reviewing compilations is always a pain in the ass, and when they contain so many bands it gets nigh-impossible to properly cover them all, so have a listen at the whole thing on YouTube (only 1 song per band, the Cd-r contains more) or download it straight from the label’s website. My copy is numbered so if you want to order the physical one for you, be fast: only 50 have been made. I have no clue what 1963 stands for as the picture on the cover looks like a frame from Bad Taste, but here it is, 50 years of gore!

This compilation has a little bit of everything. Some of the bands have a slightly more Brutal Death feel like Gruesome Bodyparts Autopsy, Losteror or Clogged Orifice, others are more radical gorgrind such as Melanoma, Fungus Infection or Dash the Brain Out, while others yet are stricly cyber grind such as Urethrorroea, Clostridium Difficile Infection, Dr. Aochider and Urophilia (clearly inspired by Libido Airbag) and yet some more deranged stuff like this freaked out Anaric feat. Mr. Pin (?) or noisegore as Terrato Naso Coprophiliac Algolagnia. My favorites in this sea of shit are probably the inenarrable Hydropneumothorax, good cyber shit, and the noisy Turulopsis Glabrata and Ascaris Lumbricoides. But really, there are few weak spots here. All in all this compilation is excellent from start to end.


Cannibe/Septic Autopsy/Infected Gastroenteritis “3 Ways of Infected Autopsy into the Cannibalism”

Cannibe is a somewhat prolific band from my country playing some kind of raw, almost garageish goregrind that reeks of bile and disscted homo sapiens. I’d dare to say they have that un-groovy, bulldozer crunch of earlier Dead Infection. We don’t really have that many completely human lineups in this genre today so I am always eager to hear new stuff from them. The seven tracks included in this split are taken live and decorously walk the thin line of totally tape rehearsal sound thanks to their really thick sound that stays distinct all the time despite the obvious limits of the recording gear. There are certainly no virtuosisms in goregrind (thanksfully) and the combination of good equipment and the simplicity of the songs pan out a couple of neat, intelligible tracks foir a total of about 10 minutes. Just as a note – one of the seven tracks is a Haemorrhage cover.

Septic Autopsy from Mexico I know little about except a past release on Human Discount records, but I definitely love this shit. Somehow bands from the southern states always manage to recreate a real musical massacre properly mixing an intricate stop and go madness of churning riffs and gargling vocals. They migth remind a bit of a more goregrindish, earlier Disgorge, with their amazing atonal and unpredictable and yet brutally in your face intermittent tempo changes. This is one of those bands that makes you feel what it is to shove your hand in a blender with a nasty sick, dense sound and not a single second of breath.

Infected Gastroenteritis from Greece has definitely stronger “digital” or “cyber” component compared to the previous two. While Septic Autopsy too use a drum machine it does not sound as artificial as it sounds in these tracks. The vocals are an heavily distorted roar, oscillating above a carpet of hyperfast drum machine beats. There are also a couple of samples between the songs but they don’t overlap with the tracks, they’re just used to separate the short songs. While the first tracks are more noisy a la Autophagia (just to stay in the neighborhood) the last ones explore the territory of liquid-gorenoise like Urine Festival and Tumour. This is a band which probably hasn’t explored its full potential.

Necropodridal Cadaveric

Necropodridal Cadaveric is a brand new band from Argentina and as far as I know this might be their only official release available at the moment, which luckily collects also their 2007 demo and a previously released split EP (with SESOS TRITURADOS). The most relevant thing about this album is the absolute primitivity of the songs. The structure stripped to a minimum and the drumming blasting basically with no precise direction chumming up with cricket vocals in short bursts averaging one minute or so. I like the barbarism and almost vulgar austerity of these songs even though I am not much into the cricket style vocals which better fit US slam bands which is a genre I don’t follow much. The vocals however are not always as static as a boulder, and when the slightly more open roar chime in, the recipe works rather well.  For some reason I found myself enjoying even more the older demo tracks which have a low quality, sick texture which if fundamental for this genre. There are also a couple of bonus tracks at the end with a different sound than the earlier ones, probably recorded in a live session. Good shit, anyway.

The Cd packaging is rather good, like the other Emocaust releases, being a collection of decomposing corpses and rough surgical dissections.

Cunt Pus Ingurgitator

Here is another 50+ tracks from that morbidly prolific guy known as Bob Macabre (including a previous 2012 demo “Slicing A Corpses Vagina”. This guy has released more albums, demos and splits in the past two years than Nun Slaughter, Sabbat and Agathocles combined. This means at least that he is aware of the sound he wants to recreate. His project CPI is pure gorenoise, the kind of stuff that a dozen years ago could have been released by Fecal Matter Discorporated. I generally enjoy this shit: it is chaotic, noisy, chock full of imprecisions of mistakes that add consistency rather than spoiling the songs. Thanks to these leaks and imprecisions the music raises to a level of variety that the drum machine could never guarantee. “Impulse To Fuck A Headless Whore” ‎ is a bit faster and way less varied than stuff from, say Anal Birth or Biocyst to name two, but the songs are so short (the whole Cd-r is 33 minutes long) that this is scarcely an issue. For lover or multilayered noise with a porn-gore imagery.

BATTERED INTESTINE (Hol): “Hacksaw Brainsurgery” Cd-r 2008 demo

Where do I start? I don’t remember anything about reviewing records ah ah! After a cold beer tonight I just picked out the old box of Cds and tapes yet to review and wiped some dust off a multitude of cool things. Unable to decide where to start I just picked up this one randomly. The letter is date october 14, 2008. Wow Ricky, I must extend my first apologies for reviewing this album almost 4 years later. Eh.

I think I always started by giving some clues on the packaging. Nothing to say here, reeally, it’s just a CD-r with some tracks in it. Still better than downloading mp3s from the Internet of course. The font used may not be the best in the world but sticking to black and white and old horror lartwork reminiscent of old Tales from the Crypt is a sure shot. I have seen professional packages done worse than this (see Extreem records reissues).

Letting the disc spin, I have to say Battered Intestine is not the most outstanding goregrind band you can hear either. It’s always a fine line you’re walking when you try to play mid tempo gore stuff: plainly said CBT are good at it, this “band” isn’t. The record neither noisy nor sludgy nor heavy enough to stand out of the murky waste of gore sludge the scene proposes, it’s just a run of the mill bedroom recording with that metallic drum sound and buzzing guitarwork we heard many times, and honestly the guitar riffs themselves, taken singularly, are atrocious. Better than latest Samael for sure, but not a must buy.

Just in case you want to give it a chance, the full demo can be downloaded from their MySpace page.

CARNIVAL OF CARNAGE (Hol): “s/t” 3″ Cd 2007 Grindfest

Carnival of CarnageI always found intriguing this cool 3″ format, ever since I saw it for the first time from bands like Paroxysm, Adramelech, Schizo etc. You can’t really fit more than 15 minutes on a mini disc but a quarter of an hour of Carnival of Carnage is a big bloodshower nonetheless. I was just perplexed to read that this recording is dated 2001. 6 or 7 years have passed and for what reason it wasn’t released earlier? I always have the impression that this is the kind of bands that get better with time, so I feel a little betrayed.

I n any case these 6 tracks are a fist in the face, as usual. Wall of sound type of guitar crunch, super low frog vocals and frantic, atypical drum programming make Carnival of Carnage one of the best bands in its genre in my opinion. You don’t get generic relentless blasting (what an admirable effort for a drum machine would it be) but more like a slimy pillar of pudding waving back and forth, erratically crushing like a limbless, eyeless mongoloid – I can almost see it bubbling and chocking with its hundred teethless mouths. Powerful, noisy, grotesque and heavy as hell. Real cool shit.

HIPERMENORREA (Mex): “Lymphadenectomy for Carcinoma of the Esophagus and Gastroesophageal Junction” Lp Cd 2008 Alarma!

HipermenorreaAh ah ah! Great!! This is the fucking stuff I love to hear. Chainsaw slashing through bone, sinew and muscle, and blood spurting everywhere. Screams of agony and fear as the carnage grows. An incomprehensible logo, a face completely ripped off in a pool of blood on the cover, splattered entrails all through the booklet and meter-long song titles about horrible pathological monstrosities. This Cd has it all even before putting the Cd up. Complete with that respectable no-nonsense of gore-grind played below the longitude of the United States. Fuck humor, this is the real grind, faggots.

Once the Cd is on ans spinning however… things are definitely as good as expected! Contrarily to what happened before with other bands like Flesh Grinder, this is not a band that will delude you. This stuff really rocks: super-raw sound, complete with ultra crackling bass and gurgling gore vocals, sewage guitar distortion and fast blasting drum smashing. I definitely reccomend Hipermenorrea to all lovers of real goregrind, especially the ones that, like me, got tired of the comic book humor of Razorback bands, the nice and ordered grind of Swedish bands like Regurgitate and -horror – the fun loving approach of western European bands (bleah) or this disco music grind made in Germany. Mexico is still the shit to go if you look after the real spirit of GORE. These incomprehensible blood gargling vocals only deal with the most insane and deranged pathosplatter topics. Lovable. One might be tempted to do a comparison with early Disgorge… well on such a statement I would not agree… Disgorge was objectively much, much more complicated, original and suffocating, but anyway this band remains a good choice of pure goregrind, with even a good amount of sludginess now and then, among the grinding blasts. The abundant use of screams, bubbling and fermenting sounds between songs add sickness to the package. Total respect.
One thing I definitely have to admit I don’t like in this release is the booklet layout however, even though there is a good choice of splatter pictures. The arrangement of elements, the choice of fonts and the whole layout is as bad as early Garden of Grief or Last Episode releases. Seems like a kid placed this booklet together. This is the only thing that takes this Cd one little point below 9. Real great stuff. Buy or die.

PUTRID WHORE (Ita): “Pornified” split Cd with EYETOFUK (Ltu) 2007 Grindhead

Splatter WhoreSplatter Whore‘s side offers a bit more in terms of intensity and fullness of sound compared to Eyetofuk. Instead of sounding like a collection of sampled Nailbomb songs, their intent seems to be way more into traditional cyber-Goregrind with lots of mid tempo changes and a sound that well, isn’t the more convincing of the world either, but still better than their cd mates.

Honestly speaking, I don’t like much the riffs themselves, in particular the fact they’re a bit too fast to crush with heaviness, and too slow to shred with ferocity. Mostly it’s a collection of real average guitar chords, stuck together with some samples and a cricket vocal approach that probably would fit better an American Death Metal band in the vein of Sikfuk or Bound and Gagged than dirty grind. They’re however the best thing on their side anyway.

Of all the songs I probably liked most the mast one, “Please Fuck Me!”, as it’s probably the most weird and wicked of them all. Cover art looks like a variation of Mike Diana’s old works. Funny and cool… even if comic book art is getting a bit inflated.