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Corpse Molestation “Descension Of A Darker Deity” demo tape, 1992

Oggi il Dottor Marciume ascolta: Corpse Molestation “Descension Of A Darker Deity” demo tape, chaotic brutal madness of Death made in Australia, 1992.

I understood you like me reviewing older stuff so here it is, one of the biggest jewels of Australian extreme metal and one of the greatest demos of the genre: pre Bestial Warlust in all its gory and dismal schizophrenia!
Jesus fucking christ, this stuff is so savage and at the same time so intense and raw it feels like the sound of a million deranged butchers cleaving flesh in a dungeon cellar. You know aussies can be out of their mind but here we got that formula transfixed to some of the heaviest, ghastlier Death Metal of all time, still scary after almost 30 years. The overall sound is massively choking and uncontrolled, heavy and deep and vaguely Autopsy/Goreaphobia in feel, but then things get out of control and all the folly of primitive Oceania stirs in chainsaw in hand. The vocals are a sink that grinds human waste, the guitars vibrate with sheer madness, the drummer is just fucking possessed and to top it off, the production is ugly, dense and filthy as every black/death/grindcore release is supposed to be. There is really little to add besides everything here is perfect, including those handful of samples and slow grinding moments of demonic despair. A classic among classics, and to think this is 1992???? It’s fucking un-be-lie-va-ble!

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Chaosbaphomet “The Black Communion” 7″, Under the Sign of Garazel 2012

Oggi il Dottor Marciume ascolta: Chaosbaphomet “The Black Communion” 7″, average greek-sounding Black Metal from Greece with the guy from Unholy Archangel,
Under the Sign of Garazel 2012.

Under the Sign of Garazel is a Polish label specializing in average Black Metal and its mediocre variants, including this diluted greek Black Metal project that despite the classy folding (ultraglossy as usual) 7″ cover doesn’t really push anything as dismal as its 1990 countrymates. The two songs are not entirely bad, being mostly regular Black Metal with a tinge of that special greek obscurity. The idea of having double vocals would have been interesting if neither sucked this bad, they sound like the Simpsons aunties complaining about coffee. I appreciate the idea of keeping it minimal and the Hellenic tinge is certainly here to some extent but hardly worth buying it on vinyl like I did.

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