FLATV5 (Cze): s/t split Cd with FAECES ERUPTION (Hol) 2007 Grindfest/Urethra

Flatv5 - splitLately I have not been listening to much goregrind with drum machine, it all just kinda got me saturated with dozens of mostly pointless bedroom projects. But I recognize something good when I hear it, and this Flatv5 one man product does a nice work. The best part in the whole project is the songs are made up an extremely good guitarwork, reminding more of moshpit grindcore a la Neuropathia or Ahumado Granujo, rather than sludgy German stuff. The vocals are a mix of liquid gargles and hoarse screams, which are used mostly as an instrument (Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition-style) as I strongly doubt there are any lyrics here. George also uses some burps and animal squeals to spice things up and it works nice. Even if the songs are fast, it really sounds a bit lighter and simpler than the Faeces Eruption part but I admit I liked this band I didn’t know before. Flatvs5 is a project of Definitive Verdict member Geroge Prczaag, which recently moved from Metal to cyberworks. Even if one man projects are usually boring, this is a good band with lots of good ideas. You have to like relentless drum machine gunnery to properly appreciate it – though. Nice cover art , if somewhat clichèd.

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