The Goregrind Encyclopedia

This project was ambitious, but things went pretty well for a few years before it choked in so much spam I gave up. It is a sort of Wikipedia (actually I have done it with exactly the same program) which only dealt with goregrind bands and fanzines (and labels etc.). In the beginning was supposed to become a sort of community but with time two things happened:

  1. I couldn’t care less of creating a community, most of the time the people that participate are just annoying dorks.
  2. The goregrind scene, while quite large enough to support such a project, is not large enough to make the pain in the ass of maintaining such project worthwile. There’s already an excellent forum at, I do not want to make something redundant. Not to mention I by far prefer to have a single forum to check, now and then.

That said, I have spent part of today upgrading software and making backups of that wiki. Before I start doing reviews again, I’d like to have the goregrind wiki up and working. I am having some difficulties due to very strict hosting policies and program upgrades, but I believe I can handle it.

EDIT: The Encyclopedia is now working. It is not pretty at all. Just the bare skeleton of a wiki, but we have time to improve it. Everyone is invited to contribute!

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