New Renaissance Records To Re-Release Soothsayer’s “Have A Good Time”

New Renaissance Records will re-release the 1989 debut album from Canadian thrashers SOOTHSAYER, May 15, 2008.Soothsayer’s debut, entitled HAVE A GOOD TIME, was released in 1989 in North America on COLOSSAL RECORDS and in Europe on NEW RENAISSANCE RECORDS. Tracks include: 1. FREE VIOLENCE, 2. DIG, 3. BUZZ FLY, 4. THE GAME 1, 5. 101, 6. GO TEAM GO, 7. E.T., 8. THE GAME II, 9. PIMPLE SPRAYER, 10. TOGETHER TO MAKE A WORLD, 11. CHANGES, and 12. ROCK AND ROLL FOREVER. DON KAYE once wrote in KERRANG MAGAZINE that Soothsayer has “obviously been to the SLAYER school of music, with side courses in VOI VOD and SACRIFICE.” Soothsayer includes: DANIEL CLARET on drums, SIMON COHEST on bass, MARTIN CUR on guitars, and STEPHANE WHITTON on vocals. The band’s website is found at: An interview with singer Stephane Whitton appears in the January 2008 issue of METAL MANIACS. In 2007 Soothsayer reformed to play a reunion show in Canada and released their album TO BE A REAL TERRORIST on GALY RECORDS. A link to a video from a 2007 interview with the band is included below.

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